Employee's Registration

Employee's Registration

Register today and attend the event for your chance to win1 an HP TouchSmart PC. Powered by the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor.

Pathways to Cloud 2012

Register today to join HP and Intel® at the HP Pathways to Cloud Road show. See ‘first hand’ how to simplify and accelerate your path to the cloud with solutions that meet your two most critical needs: improving traditional IT, while enabling IT and your business to have a smooth transition to the cloud.

Attendance is limited so act now. Register today and attend the event for your chance to win an HP TouchSmart PC or other great prizes.

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I have obtained any necessary approvals from my organization to accept the following items of value associated with the Pathways to the Cloud, at HP’s expense, and confirm that my acceptance will not violate any legal or ethical standards of my organization. (select all that apply)1

HP employees and channel partners REGISTER HERE

1. HP understands that our customers in the public sector may be subject to restrictions on what they may accept from the companies with which they do business. Please obtain the necessary approval from your organization before accepting any item of value from HP.